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press > time off album review 25 /01/2006

The Tonights

Self Titled (Sun & Air/MGM)

The Tonights’ debut album is a lavish and romantic concoction of vivid musicality. ‘Tiptoes’ is all demure, feminine desire and saucy, cyclical guitar riffs, while the gentle keyboard on ‘Trace’ perfectly complements Eva Fritz’s ethereal vocals. From the languid melancholy of ‘Strangers at a Disco’ to haunting harmonica and subtle guitar in ‘Drop the Ball’, the tracks evoke the freedom of those long, balmy summer afternoons.

A steel guitar interlude in ‘Bugs’ leads to the second part of this atmospheric album. Self-conscious affirmations of independence in ‘By Myself’ are embellished by trumpet. ‘Homunculus’ delivers another instrumental interlude incorporating foxy bass work, while ‘Big Sky’ features stunning brass arrangements. The guitar in ‘Circus Minding’ articulates open spaces and seventies psychedelia, before the intimate confessions of ‘Red Velvet Goat’.

An introspective collection of lyrical treasures and cerebral caresses, enhanced by Christian Paul Sargeant’s chic production. This debut album is (along with Eva Fritz’s dazzling ladybeetle sleeve art) brimming with a fresh sound, reminiscent of the more creative of our Brissie music legends.

clip02  (Megan Yarrow)
[TIME OFF Magazine, Brisbane 25-1-2006]

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