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press > The Zoo live review 14-01-2006

THE ZOO 14-01-2006
Album Launch Show w/The Informants + Ethan Azarian [Texas, USA]

The stage is darkened and The Tonights appear in a kaleidoscopic explosion of drums, guitar and classy sax.  Eva Fritz is slinky in red, and pork pie hats are de rigeur.  Fritz’s vocals are slightly muffled but by the seamless introduction to ‘Trace’, the sound has improved and her voice holds more power.  The interchangeable stage line-up features eight exceptionally talented and versatile musicians including a percussionist, two saxophonists and a trumpet player. Fritz calms the enthusiastic crowd with her delicate keyboard playing for ‘Glass Apple’, as drummer Christian Paul Sargeant displays super-intense concentration.  Casting her spell with a raunchy performance of The Motels’ Total Control, she takes on the bass with all the furious timing and oompah of Goldfrapp sans tuba. 

There’s a relaxed interplay between the musicians and plenty of eye contact.  Sargeant provides some growly soft backup vocals to ‘Circus Minding’ and ‘Tiptoes’ showcases Fritz’s rock-chic ingénue.  Knickers are tossed on stage and Henry Fritz performs a fiery guitar solo before launching into the elegant chord progression of ‘Red Velvet Goat’.  A very physical harmonica player and others hop up for the beery encore.

Megan Yarrow

[TIME OFF Magazine, Brisbane 18-1-2006]

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