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The Tonights… always, of course - Old century, new century, fin de siecle – Everywhere - Silken weave, shock hail - Brute force, riffs for the mature gent – Crashing tins skip a beat in cat-ridden alley-ways – Malevolent six-strings slung in Red Roma dust – Hot fingers, skin, fingerprints howl like Banshees on freshly purchased bass-gut – Hepburn, Monroe, Hayworth, stardom – Fanfare for the Common Soul – Shirley Temple tip-toes light on laryngeal ice – Tap-Dogs meow in mesmeric accord - Misty Mountain bops - Ethereal riffmania swallowed whole with salt - Blind-corner car crashes - Betty Blue eats Batman alive, she’s crazy - Blood and Razors in the morning – Superconductors collide on Nowhere Street – Coins crunch sonic on a rancid railway track - Sputniks in Space, twinkle twinkle Supernova Star - 70s Vampire Babes, she has my neck and I love it – of course, always… The Tonights.

(Richard Kwong)

Formed out of a desire to have a water-tight creative unit unbounded by genre or fashion, The Tonights’ are built around the core trio of chief songwriter/pianist & bassist Eva Fritz, her guitar & bass playing brother Henry and her husband Christian Paul Sargeant, who fills the role of both drummer & producer. The bands' sound is augmented by multi-instrumentalist Col McIntyre.

From hooky guitar riffs to atmospheric, piano-led mantras, The Tonights’ charm lies in their diverse yet distinctive sound which journeys from symphonic pop to minimalist balladry; neo-psychedelia to undiluted rock -occasionally within the life of a single song. Always providing the bridge between these sometimes disparate styles is vocalist Eva Fritz-whose warm, melodic voice is at once sultry but vulnerable; reflective but hopeful, and can possess an almost hymnal quality suggesting higher powers....

The Tonights self-titled debut album has received outstanding national and international reviews and airplay. The popularity of lead track ‘Tiptoes’ led to its recent release in the form of a remix EP featuring radical re-workings by the UK’s Go Home Productions (remixer David Bowie/Kaiser Chiefs/Plaid), Benjamin Ely (REGURGITATOR) and Nam Shub Of Enki (Brisbane psychotic-electro guru) as well as an exclusive epic horror-jazz version from The Tonights themselves.

Praise for The Tonights’ debut album:

'...a stunning first-off effort'  THE SUNDAY MAIL
'...a corker!'  RAVE MAGAZINE
'...a lavish and romantic concoction of vivid musicality'  TIME OFF MAGAZINE
'...an extremely promising debut ....moments of true majesty'  SCENE MAGAZINE
'...immaculately produced ....a stack of fine tunes'  THE COURIER MAIL
'...recalls the likes of Bettie Serveert and Belly...an entirely promising album' ALL MUSIC GUIDE

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